Livid (feat. Tyler Shelton of Traitors)


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Debut Song



do you really think that I forget what you did to me?
you stole my heart you stole my pride, so I will make sure that you dont survive this day.

hang yourself, you fuckin' bastard!
or I will tear out your ribs one by one and dislocate your arms and legs. I wont hesitate to put you in your place.

this fire burning inside your eyes. I'll suffocate you to see it slowly die. I will break your neck and watch your eyes turn white. I wont stop, I wont fuckin' stop. I'll fuckin' end this tonight.

I'am sick of everything you're trying to say. I'm not hiding, come and find me and we'll sort this out.

and when you're here with me, I'll pull out every fuckin' teeth to stop your stupid smile.

who gave you the right to decide whats right? you're just a shadow on the wall. you will never cross that line again.
you're a dead man.
a fuckin' dead man.

dont look me in the eyes like your innocent. I wont hesitate anyway. you will swallow the gun and pray for help. you're a broken man, with a broken face. but I dont fuckin' care. I'am dead. I'am dead inside. so dont ask for my heart.

beaten to death, by my fuckin' hands. but all your prayers for help wont save you in the end.


released May 4, 2014
recorded by lala studios
artwork designed by eric bergholz



all rights reserved


LIVYAH SA, Germany

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